Folding & Pressure Seal Machines

Postmate V

The Postmate V provides a slide-out fold unit for easy maintenance and its manual feeder allows single-form processing. The Postmate V is ideal for small to mid volume customers.

Postmate 3

Up to 1,400 sheets can be loaded into the feeder that processes up to 7,200 sheets per hour. It provides the "Superior Friction Reverse Roller" feeding system & user friendly operator panel.

Postmate 6

The Postmate 6 provides the superior FRR (Friction Reserve Roller) with a cooling system. Up to 1,400 sheets can be loaded into the feeder and processed at speeds up to 9,000 sheets per hour. It also provides great sealing quality with 4 press rollers.

Mailfinisher 4350

The Mailfinisher 4350 eliminates the added task of unloading forms from the printer and loading them onto the Pressure Sealer. The Mailfinisher 4350 also has a Printer Communication Kit.

Mailfinisher 9500

The Mailfinisher 9500 provides excellent sealing quality with the 2 pairs of Press rollers and is capable of processing 200,000 forms per month.