Folding & Pressure Seal Machines


Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the Polyfold offers the most efficient and compact desktop folding machine solution. It provides quick and simple fold settings, and easy maintenance with the uniquely designed compact fold drum.

Officemate 2D

The Officemate 2D is capable of processing 2,000 forms per hour. It is extremely quiet and very reliable for all of your pressure seal needs. With its updated design that will fit in perfectly with your other office desktop machines.

Postmate V

The Postmate V provides a slide-out fold unit for easy maintenance and its manual feeder allows single-form processing. The Postmate V is ideal for small to mid volume customers.

Postmate 3

Up to 1,400 sheets can be loaded into the feeder that processes up to 7,200 sheets per hour. It provides the "Superior Friction Reverse Roller" feeding system & user friendly operator panel.

Postmate 6

The Postmate 6 provides the superior FRR (Friction Reserve Roller) with a cooling system. Up to 1,400 sheets can be loaded into the feeder and processed at speeds up to 9,000 sheets per hour. It also provides great sealing quality with 4 press rollers.

Mailfinisher 4350

The Mailfinisher 4350 eliminates the added task of unloading forms from the printer and loading them onto the Pressure Sealer. The Mailfinisher 4350 also has a Printer Communication Kit.

Mailfinisher 9500

The Mailfinisher 9500 provides excellent sealing quality with the 2 pairs of Press rollers and is capable of processing 200,000 forms per month.